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How Hypnotherapy Helped With Trauma



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me With Trauma

I had been the victim of a serious crime and my world had collapsed. Work, life and living were almost impossible. I was finding it difficult to move past what had happened and longed to be more confident and happy again.

I felt extremely relaxed and able to talk to Caroline about what had happened. She always had something constructive and positive to say in response to anything I said and encouraged me to break it down and think through the scenarios. She explained how the brain works with simple drawings to show me why I was feeling or reacting the way I was. Bizarrely, after the first session we didn’t discuss what had happened again. I was taught to think forwards and not to live in the past. I was ‘stuck’ but encouraged to move forward.

Working with Caroline has completely changed my outlook. I have spent my entire life worrying about what others think but I have now learnt to listen to my self and be confident in my own decisions. The tape I was given to listen to at night is wonderful. I truly believe that this tape was the start of a change in me and I still listen to it every night even now. Consequently, I have more days feeling well and positive now than I have ever had. I used to count the hours until I could go to bed, but now I want to squeeze as much time out of life that I can!

If you’re thinking about having hypnotherapy Do it! You will never look back. I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but Caroline was recommended to me by a CID police officer when I was at the end of my tether. I trusted the police officer’s judgement as she had been in charge of my case and so I decided to just go for it. I had nothing to lose. I simply cannot explain how different life is for me now.

Anon, Wellingborough


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