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How Hypnotherapy Helped With Work-Related Anxiety



How Hypnotherapy Helped With Work-Related Anxiety


I was extremely overwhelmed and anxious at work. It was negatively impacting my sleep and emotions. At the point I chose to have hypnotherapy I was unable to deal with even the most simplest of work tasks without feeling overwhelmed stressed and emotional. Quite often this presented itself with me crying. This became quite frustrating as I seemed unable to control it.

Ali was very reassuring at my initial consultation. I was very apprehensive about seeking help and immediately felt comfortable and supported. I really felt like Ali understood where I was coming from and this helped me to open up. As the sessions continued I noticed a huge change in myself particularly emotionally and Ali gave me strategies to cope with stress that I’m still able to effectively use now.

Now I am now better able to manage my emotions during stressful situations. I have for the first time ever been able to openly talk to people about stress and hypnotherapy and this has been a huge factor for me in dealing with it.

If you’re thinking of trying hypnotherapy give it a go! Honestly I was sceptical about the whole thing and didn’t really understand how it would benefit me. I can honestly say it’s been the best form of relaxation, stress relief and life coaching ever!! Talking to Ali has been the best experience for me! I got far more out of it than I ever thought was possible!!

Rebecca, Maidstone