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How Hypnotherapy Lifted Depression After 15 years



Hypnotherapy Lifts Depression After 15 Years

Last summer, after over fifteen years of depression, anxiety and self-esteem problems, I saw an advert for Gary’s hypnotherapy. I had previously had years and years of antidepressants, counselling psychological assessments and treatment and attended various panic attack groups. As I was suffering from chronic alopecia due to stress at the time, I tried him out to see if he could do anything to help with that. I didn’t know what a turning point in my life that one phone call would be.
At the time of my first visit to Gary, I was in such a bad place that I was barely surviving each day, both mentally and physically as a manifestation of the stress and depression that had taken hold of my life. After just a few visits to Gary, I found myself thinking about life in a different way and more and more began to deal with things in a more positive and constructive way.

At the time of my first contact with Gary, I didn’t think I had the emotional strength to deal with anything. I was in a bad marriage, dealing with two toddlers and feeling like a failure as a mother on a daily basis and had no hope of any change to my situation or outlook.

Now, since seeing Gary for only a few months, I have ended my marriage in a constructive way that has resulted in my children being happier and calmer and my ex-husband and I now even get on well as friends. I have also embarked on a new career that I never thought I would have the confidence to pursue. Every day I wake up happy and positive and looking forward to the new day ahead, instead of waking up with a feeling of doom and fear of what I perceived to be a barrage of daily obstacles to tackle and hurdles to get over. I have gone from surviving life to living life and my relationship with my children has improved astronomically. As I write this now, I even have fuzzy bits of new growth on over 50% of the bald patches that had been shedding on a daily basis for two years until my first visit to Gary.

I can’t praise Gary and his services highly enough and I would even go so far as to say that he has actually saved my life. I don’t feel that this is an overly dramatic statement as, without enjoyment and quality of life, there is no life worth living.

Kate, Peterborough