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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Manage Stress



Hypnotherapy to Manage Stress

I had been struggling to manage stress at work and in everyday life, and not allowing it to build to the point where it was dominating everything. I felt I needed to find a new, more positive path. I had also been finding it difficult to sleep, and this was impacting my ability to cope. I wondered if hypnotherapy might be able to help in both these areas.

The sessions were very relaxing and instilled a sense of calm. I found over the series of sessions that I soon started to develop a different, more positive outlook. I always left feeling relaxed, yet at the same time energized.

The hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to develop a new level of self-awareness with which to recognize and deal with stress. This has meant that I can now prevent stress from building as it used to. I have a more positive outlook, and feel better about myself for that!

My sleeping has also improved enormously, and this in turn has increased my ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

I would encourage anyone who is feeling unable to cope with stress, or who has problems sleeping, to seek help through hypnotherapy. The sessions are empowering and very effective in developing a more positive outlook.

Sarah, Harborough