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How Hypnotherapy Helped With Long-Term Anxiety



How Hypnotherapy Helped With Long-Term Anxiety


I suffered with anxiety attacks for over 25 years and had taken medication consistently for 20 years. I felt that the medication was no longer a positive support for me and had spent a year coming off of the tablets. I wanted to find a non-medical option that allowed me to manage my anxiety. I also had a fear of flying which I wanted to address as I was going on a long-haul flight for the first time since not taken the medication.

Ali was friendly and approachable and I felt that she understood my issues. I felt relaxed and able to share all my thoughts and fears.

The experience was not what I had expected, however, understanding how and why my body responded to stress helped me to begin to manage my way of life and, therefore, my anxiety. I have learnt that planning allows me to manage my time and has a positive effect on the whole. Understanding how the body operates when anxious helps me to be more rational and have a more positive attitude. I feel that writing down and acknowledging positive things will continue to help me focus on positives even when life is hard. The audio allows me to focus on relaxation rather than running through all the tasks for the next day and I believe, therefore, helps me get quality sleep.

Hypnotherapy has worked for me. I feel that it is also important to find a therapist that you can can trust, get on with and who understands you.

Julie, Maidstone


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