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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me to Live in the Present



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me to Live in the Here & Now

I had a lot of conversations happening in my head which was preventing me from living in the now and enjoying life as it is. I had experienced a lot of significant change within my extended family within a relatively short period: family member dying unexpectedly, family member experiencing extreme burn out and feeling obligated to take on a lot of pressure and responsibility.

Emma was brilliant – I sometimes wondered if I was seeing progress but I know that I came a long way during the journey. Some of the suggestions were so simple and yet they had a huge positive impact on my life.

I think one of the main benefits of the session was understanding how the brain works. I’m not sure I will ever forget the Meerkat, CEO and PA! I have a number of tools and a new understanding of when my stress bucket is beginning to fill and how to empty it. The overall benefit is feeling like I have the ability to understand what stresses me and how to reduce that stress

I would recommend hypnotherapy. The brain is so powerful and having someone assist you in understanding how your brain works and how you can make changes is a win-win situation.

Anon, Devon


Emma practices from her Devon therapy room near Winkleigh.  If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you with disrupted sleep patterns contact Emma to book your FREE initial consultation

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