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Hypnotherapy Helped My Sleeplessness & Feeling Panicky



How Hypnotherapy With My Sleep Problems and Feeling Panicky

I was having problems sleeping – waking feeling panicky – and I was not able to make decisions. I was also panicking about riding my pony, following a fall and a bucking session. I generally felt shaky and wobbly about things. I felt I was just existing – not enjoying living – I felt out of touch with the world like looking through a window.

Emma was very easy to talk to – she was very supportive and encouraging. Understanding how the brain works helped me to control the negative input and engage my “higher” brain. I listening to Emma’s “download CD” and noting positive things really helped. My sleep improved and my sense of proportion came back. I felt less shaky and wobbly and felt more positive. Emma’s comments and encouragement helped turn me around and get my life back on track. I felt very safe and supported during our sessions.

The main benefits of my sessions with Emma were that my sleep improved, which led to a more positive outlook and a better sense of proportion. I also learn some useful “tools” – breathing techniques and visualisations. I hope I will continue to improve.

I have recommended hypnotherapy to friends. It’s been very helpful – particularly with sleep – which is the basis for mental wellbeing! Hypnotherapy helps you to feel more positive – more in touch – little things affect your outlook and give you back the “joy in life”.

Leanne, Devon

Emma practices from her Devon therapy room near Winkleigh.  If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you with disrupted sleep patterns contact Emma to book your FREE initial consultation

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