Thrapston Hypnotherapy with Caroline Prout


Are you feeling stressed or anxious
Have you lost your confidence or self esteem?
Does life often feel overwhelming?
Do you wish you could find a better way to cope?


If you nodded to any of these questions you’re in the right place

caroline prout

Caroline Prout

DHP HPD MNCH (Reg.) AfSFH (Reg.) SFH Sup (Hyp)

Thrapston Hypnotherapy Clinic

✔️ Disabled Access

✔️ Free Parking

✔️ Toilets

Caroline practices from her quiet home therapy room in rural Northamptonshire close to Thrapston within easy reach of Corby, Kettering, Oundle and Huntingdon with access to the A14, A45, A605 and A6116. Free parking is available in the layby opposite. There are pretty walks through the village, by the river, lakes and nature reserve if you wish to extend your visit as well as local café’s and pubs serving food and drink.

 Address: 61 Kettering Road, Islip, Kettering, NN14 3JT

Appointment Times: Mon to Wed 12 noon til 6:30pm

 Call or text me on 07729 801 247


From Thrapston – come over Nine Arches bridge and continue straight up Kettering Road, past the Garage, we are half way up the hill opposite the layby and village sports field.

From the A14 – take junction 12 towards Corby and the A6116. Take the 3rd exit off the first mini roundabout towards Islip, pull in to the layby immediately after Toll Bar lane on your left and we are opposite.


Free parking is available in the layby opposite or further up the hill.


We are situated on a hill so the driveway leading up to the property is sloped and there are steps leading up to the front door. If you are concerned that this may cause difficulties please contact me so we can make alternative arrangements for your therapy sessions.

Thrapston Hypnotherapy Clinic

Who I work with

At Inspired to Change I work with people who are experiencing an emotional or physical issue which is holding them back or who are struggling to cope with life’s challenges and adapting to change. Often they have tried other approaches to move forward but ultimately they still feel unhappy or stuck. People just like you. 

Regardless of what brings people to see us they all have one thing in common:

  • They are motivated to get better, cope better or be better
  • They are ready to get their lives on track
  • They are inspired to change

And that is what I am passionate about and skilled at helping people to do!

In addition to the many different issues that the solution focused approach is effective at helping my personal passion is helping people with Anxiety, Stress, Confidence, Motivation and Work/Life Balance.

    I empower people to take back control of their lives and go from surviving life to thriving in life! 

    Having lived so much of my life through the lens of anxiety it is my mission to help others to be their best! My fear of not being good enough drove me to work harder and harder to the point of physical burn out and a diagnosis of M.E. It was on my journey to recovery that I learnt a different way to live my life, free of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. So I know what it takes to wrestle back that control, to build your confidence and move forward in to your best life! 

    Using my training in Neuroscience, Hypnotherapy and coaching I will guide you to unlock the power of your brain, take back control from the exhaustion of stress and anxiety to build your confidence and self esteem and discover the best version of you!  

    I qualified from the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School (CPHT) in 2013, one of the leading schools in the UK, and am qualified at HPD level. I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy the UK’s leading not-for-profit professional association as well as the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council.

    I use a clinically proven Solution Focused approach to help with a wide range of mental and physical health related issues, including stress, anxiety and overwhelm, fears and phobias, depression and panic attacks, confidence and self-esteem, focus and motivation. Due to my own personal experiences I have also chosen to specialise in some key areas.


    Are you ready to discover who you can really be? 


    • Stress & Anxiety
    • Work Life Balance
    • Motivation
    • Auto Immune Condition
    • Confidence
    • Business Success

    How much does it cost?

    I offer a FREE Initial Consultation to help me better understand how I can help you.  Hypnotherapy sessions after that can be paid for as you go at £90 a session, or most of my client opt for the savings that come with purchasing a package of 6 sessions for £450.

      Becca in Maidstone

      “I understand my brain and thought patterns so much better now, I am in control of how depression and anxiety affects me daily, and not only do I feel able to cope with it, I am enjoying my life again”

      Gina in Kettering

      “It was nice to speak to someone who had an answer for the way I was feeling. To realise I wasn’t going mad was wonderful!  I am now so much calmer and able to think clearly about any situation. Life is much better.”

      Callum in Market Harborough

      “I have gradually become more relaxed as my anxiety has been released and small changes to each day have increased my general happiness and well-being.  Book an initial consultation today – you really have nothing to lose.”

      Emma in Devon

      “The whole experience was life changing!  Peace and positivity has been restored in my head,  and without doubt I’m more confident – I actually have some self esteem!!  If you’re thinking of using hypnotherapy go for it!”

      Julie in Maidstone

      “I suffered with anxiety attacks for over 25 years and had taken medication consistently for 20 years. I felt that the medication was no longer a positive support for me and I wanted to find a non-medical option.  Hypnotherapy worked for me.”

      Meet my clients

      Find out what it’s like working with me. Read about my clients experiences and the impact I have on their lives.

      Other things I do at Inspired to Change


      Do you have a chronic condition but struggle to manage it?

      Are you fed up of feeling tired all the time?

      Do you struggle to get through your normal daily routine?

      Are the doctors unable to give you a definitive diagnosis?


      I chose to retrain as a hypnotherapist after my own anxiety led to physical health problems and a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

      “One of the things that helped me the most in my recovery was understanding how our brains work and why that can have such a huge impact on our wellbeing, both physical and mental and this is something I now share with all my clients”.

      Using my own experiences and training I specialise in helping people overcome anxiety and chronic conditions such as CFS/ M.E, Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions.

      One of the things I found particularly difficult in my own recovery was that no one that was helping me actually understood what I was going through. They were able to tell me from a professional point of view what might help, but none of them had been there, none of them had experienced what I was going through so they didn’t understand that what they were asking me to do might be unrealistic or how hard it would be to do it.

      Many people that I have spoken to since have had similar experiences and I realised that I was in a unique position to be able to couple my personal experience with my professional knowledge and support people through their own journey to recovery.

      As a solution focused hypnotherapist I know how the brain works.  I know that having the right knowledge isn’t enough to ensure your recovery, it’s not as simple as that!  This is your recovery and your journey might be different from the next persons.

      Energise Me is a simple four step process to guide you through your recovery:

        Reconnecting with you, with your goals, your aspirations, your vision of what you want to be able to achieve and your belief that recovery is possible
      • RECOVER
        Understand what your mind and your body needs to recover and choose which actions to take at your pace to bring you back to health
      • RENEW
        Renew your life so you can come out the other side of this not just surviving but thriving!
        Craft your own maintenance programme so you can maintain your recovery long term

      Our lives stall for a reason.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often an outcome of long term stress and anxiety or trauma in your life. In order to recover we need to listen to those messages and do something different!

      To find out what it’s like working with me towards your recovery give me a call on 07729 801 247.  

      I offer a FREE initial consultation and online session options.

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