Winkleigh Hypnotherapy

with Emma Treby


Are you feeling stressed or anxious
Have you lost your confidence or self esteem?
Does life often feel overwhelming?
Do you wish you could find a better way to cope?


If you nodded to any of these questions you’re in the right place

Emma Treby


 Winkleigh and Online Hypnotherapy Practice

✔️ Evening appointments

✔️ 6+ Years experience

✔️ Fully accredited

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Emma practices from her rural private home therapy room 10 minutes drive from Winkleigh. Parking is available in a private yard. We are a 5-minute walk from the Tarka trail and other footpaths.

 Address: Taw Mead, Lower Reeve, Wembworthy, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX187SH

Appointment Times: Tuesday 9:30am - 7:30pm, Wednesday 7:30pm & Thursday 9:30am - 7:30pm

 Call or text me on 07894 555 075

Who I work with

At Inspired to Change I work with people who are experiencing an emotional or physical issue which is holding them back or who are struggling to cope with life’s challenges and adapting to change. Often they have tried other approaches to move forward but ultimately they still feel unhappy or stuck. People just like you. 

Regardless of what brings people to see us they all have one thing in common:

  • They are motivated to get better, cope better or be better
  • They are ready to get their lives on track
  • They are inspired to change

And that is what I am passionate about and skilled at helping people to do!

In addition to the many different issues that the solution focused approach is effective at helping my personal passion is helping people with Chronic Pain, Stress, Confidence, Motivation and Business Success.


    Inspired To Change Hypnotherapy
    Based on 4 reviews
    Emma was so welcoming and easy to talk to. She put me at ease as soon as we met. She put the science first to help me understand how the brain works and how hypnotherapy could help me. I had struggled a lot with my sleep patterns and anxiety levels. It was a real turning point for me. It was well worth the investment, I function so much better now, understanding why I feel the way I do sometimes, enabling me to deal with the stresses that pop up as I go through my day to day life.
    Fiona C.
    Fiona C.
    06:15 21 Jan 20
    Before seeing Emma I was suffering with anxiety and depression, struggling to get motivated to do anything and struggling to get through the working week without wanting to throw things at my colleagues! I was recommended Emma by a close friend who knew of someone who had used a hypnotherapist.My sessions with Emma were great, really laid back, very informative and interesting.I gained a lot from finding out the scientific causes for what I was struggling with and using this information to aid my recovery. Once I knew the things that could help me and techniques I could use I found it a smooth process to help myself.If you’re thinking of using hypnotherapy go for it! It is not nonsense it is based on science and it is great and so effective!
    Emily H.
    Emily H.
    08:32 21 May 19
    I was really struggling with exam stress and was experiencing several physical symptoms as well as various mental issues. I would then go into a period of low mood, bordering on depression, before stressing for my next exam. I couldn't cope for much longer and was almost never happy.I found my experience with Emma to be great, I found that throughout the sessions I was improving. I found the tools that I was shown extremely useful and that Emma was always kind and understanding throughout my 6 week course. It was all a wonderful experience and really helped overall.I can now enter an exam, or any stressful situation with confidence. I have noticed that I am more confident socially and in myself. I almost never feel like I'm falling into these low mood periods and when I ever do, I have been given the skills necessary to help me to get out of those feelings. I feel an almost 180 degree change for the better in my life as a whole.Hypnotherapy was really effective for me, and no doubt would be very useful to anyone experiencing similar issues to the ones I went through.J, Devon
    Jamie W.
    Jamie W.
    12:59 25 Feb 18
    "Before I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Emma my life was being controlled by negative thoughts and self doubt. This impacted immensely on my confidence, happiness and sleep and I honestly didn’t think there was a way out from feeling like this. A friend had told me about hypnotherapy so I did some research and found Emma. Her reviews were amazing so I decided to get in contact.I found the experience of working with Emma incredibly beneficial. She explained to me in depth on how the brain works and why I was feeling the way I was. I found it very interesting and it was nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who had these negative thoughts. Emma provided me with tools to use outside our sessions which I was able to put into practice in certain situations. During the trance work in our sessions Emma really helped me to relax a lot more than I thought I would.Since working with Emma I am no longer being controlled by negative thoughts. For the first time in years I sleep through the whole night without waking up worrying about something. My self confidence has grown so much and my family have noticed a real difference in me. I have made lots of positives changes in my life that the old me would have been too afraid to do, and because I now know how my brain works and how to cope in situations that would have been difficult for me, I know that I am going to be able to continue to move forward in my life.I think anyone who’s thinking about using hypnotherapy should 100% give it a go. Not only do you learn techniques on how to cope with situations and feelings that you may find difficult, but you also learn how your brain works and why you think/feel the way you do. I couldn’t recommend any other type of therapy more!"
    Amy J.
    Amy J.
    14:40 22 Feb 18

    I am passionate about enabling you to develop the understanding and tools required to boost confidence and control, cope better with anxiety and stress, strengthen self-esteem and self-belief or to become ‘unstuck’ so you feel better connected with yourself, your life and your passions.

    As someone who lived with extreme anxiety to the point of ‘burnout’, I specialise in supporting people with anxiety to break the vicious cycle of worry, indecision, self-doubt and procrastination to live a calmer and more meaningful life.

    Being a highly sensitive person and the parent of a spirited child I have used my background in and enthusiasm for research to understand how I can work with sensitive people to be the very best version of themselves and to support parents of Highly Sensitive and Spirited children so they can build resilience and thrive.


    Are you ready to discover who you can really be? 


    • Stress & Anxiety
    • Confidence & Control
    • Highly Sensitive People
    • Parenting
    • Horse Riding Confidence
    • Fertility to Menopause

    How much does it cost?

    I offer a FREE Initial Consultation to help me better understand how I can help you.  Hypnotherapy sessions after that can be paid for as you go at £70 a session, or most of my client opt for the savings that come with purchasing a package of 6 sessions for £350.

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      Practice Info


      The postcode will bring you to the turning to our yard. From the direction of Winkleigh/Eggesford turn right off the lane onto a track immediately downhill of the houses and then take a left into our yard. Follow the track down to the barn doors. From the direction of Coldridge turn left off the lane and onto the track immediately before the first houses you see after driving uphill from the river. Then turn immediately left again into the yard and follow the track down to the barn doors.


      Parking is available in our yard.


      Situated on the ground floor. There is a step up to the front door, so we have a ramp to enable wheelchair users to enter the therapy room through double doors.

      Winkleigh Hypnotherapy Clinic

      Becca in Maidstone

      “I understand my brain and thought patterns so much better now, I am in control of how depression and anxiety affects me daily, and not only do I feel able to cope with it, I am enjoying my life again”

      Gina in Kettering

      “It was nice to speak to someone who had an answer for the way I was feeling. To realise I wasn’t going mad was wonderful!  I am now so much calmer and able to think clearly about any situation. Life is much better.”

      Callum in Market Harborough

      “I have gradually become more relaxed as my anxiety has been released and small changes to each day have increased my general happiness and well-being.  Book an initial consultation today – you really have nothing to lose.”

      Emma in Devon

      “The whole experience was life changing!  Peace and positivity has been restored in my head,  and without doubt I’m more confident – I actually have some self esteem!!  If you’re thinking of using hypnotherapy go for it!”

      Julie in Maidstone

      “I suffered with anxiety attacks for over 25 years and had taken medication consistently for 20 years. I felt that the medication was no longer a positive support for me and I wanted to find a non-medical option.  Hypnotherapy worked for me.”

      Meet my clients

      Find out what it’s like working with me. Read about my clients experiences and the impact I have on their lives.

      Other things I do at Inspired To Change, Devon

      Hypnotherapy for RIDING WITH CONFIDENCE


      Have you had a confidence wobble in handling or riding your horse?
      Do you want to step it up a level in terms of competing or showing?
      Or do you just want to get the best out of your relationship with your horse?


      I have owned and ridden horses for over 30 years, but it was only once I was practicing as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist that I truly reflected on the link between my ups and downs with my horses and my state of mind at the time – whether that related to career changes, moving house or livery yard or becoming a parent.
      Before I became a hypnotherapist I too had a bit of a confidence wobble with my horse. It was a few years later that I realised my fear had dissipated – as I had quite a different mindset and ability to manage stress and anxiety then.

      As horse owners and riders we all know how sensitively horses are attuned to our emotions, but for the first time I had really demonstrated this to myself. Since then, I have started to document how our mindset and general outlook on life affects and impacts our relationship with our horse and you’ll find some of that work below in my blogs.

      I provide talks and workshops and take part in equine clinics as well as working 1-2-1 with horse riders and owners to regain their confidence.

      I use a solution focused approach to coaching horse owners and riders to overcome any fear, regain confidence and achieve goals. I provide tools and strategies for managing emotions and more importantly, focus on achieving and maintaining the right mindset to ensure positive change is long lasting, enabling you to get back on track!

      If you’d like to find out how I can help you improve your relationship with your horse, get in touch!